Friday, August 29, 2014

Behind the Dark Mountains

Alexander the Great by Rembrandt

Behind the Dark Mountains there was a country ruled by a king who was famous as a lawyer and judge. Alexander the Great went to see him one day to watch the proceedings.

The plaintiff was a man who declared that he had bought a field and found a pot of gold in it. He wanted to return the gold to the field’s former owner.

The former owner however refused to accept the gold claiming that he had sold the field with all of its grass including what was under the grass.

The King asked the plaintiff: Do you have a son? And then he asked the defendant: Do you have a daughter?

When both answered yes, the King addressed them both and said: Let them get married, and the pot of gold will be for the new family and their children. 
Then the King turned to Alexander: What do you think of my sentence?

Alexander answered: Well, apparently you can afford that kind of largesse. If I had to decide, I would put them both to death and confiscate the gold.


Alexander the Great
by the anonymous (?) "Master of the Griselda legend"

from, a BBC public foundation. There is no copyright information.

The story of the Pot of Gold would show that Alexander was cruel and knew it.

This is not normally stated in the legends, but must be true, because he could not otherwise have overrun so many countries in such a short time, even if he subdued them only superficially, for instance in order to use each as a base to attack the next one. .....

After all, the anecdote of the Gordian Knot, what does it illustrate ?

Subsequent to Alexander's death, the empire fell apart, but he became even more influential through the stories of his life.

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