Friday, December 2, 2016

Noah's Ark seen by Marcel Proust

In short:  truth in art is remembered and recalled, but not copied.

The Spanish poet Antonio Machado says the same.

(c) Drawing of Noah's Ark by ghD. The carriage is for the very small animals, bichitos, spiders, Käferchen

Quote Marcel:

"When I was little, no story of the Holy Bible seemed to me as sad as Noah's, because of the flood which kept him shut up in the ark for forty days. Later I was often ill, and for lots of days I also had to remain "in the ark". I understood then that Noah could never have seen the world so clearly as from his ark, though it was closed and it was night on Earth."
Quote Machado

Pensar el mundo es como hacerlo nuevo
de la sombra o la nada, desustanciado y frío.
To think about the world is like making it anew from its shadow or from nothing, cold and almost lifeless.

Pensar: borrar primero y dibujar después,
y quien borrar no sabe camina en cuatro pies.

To think is to erase first and draw afterwards. Those who don't know how to erase walk on four feet.

Elsewhere Proust explained art as "the Devine Captive".

If our soul is not eternal, then our notions of love, beauty, justice,  won't last either. They are our "divine captives", and to die in their company is "somehow less humiliating and even less probable" says Marcel, though this time quoted from memory.

The astute supposition is that we took these notions from God as pawns or hostages to be redeemed at life's end.

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