Sunday, February 22, 2015

Felipe Gonzalez 2012: The EU Crisis


The European leaders seem to have forgotten that the main objective of any economic policy is sustainable growth..

Everything else is instrumental and has to serve this priority.

Besides, there is increasing evidence that there is no other way to deal with the debt crisis.

Meanwhile, political extremism of the xenophobe kind is on the increase.

However, to modify the treaties of the European Union, two issues have to be resolved:

1. For the monetary union to work coherently, there has to be  a central economic governing authority based on shared sovereignty.

2. But in order to advance in that regard, there has to be an exit door open to those who do not want to participate. The countries must have the right to leave, but they do not have the right to prevent others from advancing.

From El País

Felipe traveling by fast train from Seville to Madrid. It is a good photo
Probably both of those cups of coffee are for him.

There was a great president.
His staff called him Dios.

This photo is at .


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